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ReMag Lotion

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Pico-ionic Magnesium Lotion

ReMag® Lotion Daily ReHydrator offers the hydration and skin cosmetic benefits you are hoping for from a high-quality magnesium lotion. Our magnesium system includes:

  • 7.5-ounce bottle
  • Convenient pump dispenser
  • The benefits of ReMag® pico-ionic liquid magnesium in a lotion

You can apply this lotion in place of your daily moisturizer from face to feet to receive the benefits of complete hydration. 

Our magnesium products come in a variety of formats; finding one for your busy life is easier than ever. Our ReMag® Lotion works on your largest organ – the skin, to ensure that magnesium, a vital mineral, reaches the skin cells where it can benefit from additional hydration and magnesium.

How to Use ReMag® Lotion & FAQs

You can replace your daily moisturizer with our ReMag® Lotion Daily ReHydrator. The pump bottle makes the application easier than ever and you can even take it on the go.

Apply the lotion liberally on your skin to receive the maximum benefits. For the best results, apply the product to dry, clean skin; many people prefer to apply it immediately after a shower.

While our ReMag® magnesium lotion can be utilized anywhere on your body, an additional tip for how to use magnesium lotion is to keep it away from your eyes and damaged or broken skin.

    When Should I Use ReMag® Lotion?

    Because our lotion is made with skin-friendly ingredients, you can use it any time of the day to replenish and hydrate the skin. Many of our customers either choose to apply ReMag® lotion after their shower when their skin is dry. 

    Where Do I Apply Magnesium Lotion?

    In terms of where to apply magnesium lotion, it can easily be applied to the face and body - hands, knees, legs, feet, neck, and face (avoiding the eyes). ReMag® Lotion comes with a concentrated magnesium chloride solution of 60,000 ppm and is gentle enough for every daily use.

    Whenever you decide to apply ReMag® Lotion, make sure your skin is clean. If you have any cosmetic products or other lotions on already, this could hinder the absorption of the magnesium. It’s also essential to avoid contact with sensitive areas and mucus membranes (eyes and nasal passages).

     Is Magnesium Lotion Safe?

    Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that your body needs. Our ReMag® solution is pure and designed to work cohesively with the body for the best results. When applied to the skin, there is virtually no worry over side effects or irritation.  If this does occur, rinse the area with cool water.

    California residents see this Prop 65 WARNING.

    Please note that there are currently no treatments, drugs, or dietary supplements approved to treat or prevent COVID-19. 

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.