Pico Zinc Plus
Pico Zinc Plus
Pico Zinc Plus

Pico Zinc Plus

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About Pico Zinc® Plus

Product Sizes: 8.1 oz (240 ml) / 16.2 oz (480 ml)

Pico Zinc® Plus was purposefully developed to provide a well-balanced zinc formula that eliminates artificial nutrient deficiencies. This balanced formula combines zinc with copper to allow for a focused application of zinc at higher doses, while the liquid ionic copper is completely absorbed at the cellular level. Start adding precise amounts of zinc and copper to your patient's protocols with a liquid mineral supplement that overcomes the absorbability issues of pills and powders.

  • * 20mg of liquid zinc per dose
  • * 2mg of liquid copper per dose
  • * Reverse Osmosis Water

Dosage Considerations:

Strong Taste of Pure Minerals

Pico Zinc® Plus is a liquid mineral supplement derived from pure sources of minerals, and stabilized in its ionic form. These minerals include no additives, binders, flavoring, or colors, and are intended to be diluted with water, juice, smoothies, or as a baking ingredient in proportion.

Balanced Zinc and Copper supplementation

Our liquid mineral line was created by Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND to make it easy and customizable to any requirement. Pico Zinc® Plus helps you suggest all the benefits of zinc and copper, but without the guesswork. This supplement makes a great addition to immune support, bone health, brain health, and multiple skin and hair related benefits. Feel comfortable introducing Pico Zinc® Plus knowing that your patient's nutrient balance has been taken into consideration.

Learn more about dosing our liquid minerals here: Dosing Liquid Minerals

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