Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

RnA ReSet® product ingredients are sourced from high quality suppliers backed by a Certificate of Analysis. Our progressive quality monitoring follows each step of our products’ life cycles. Each lot is inspected, laboratory tested, and approved by our quality control specialists before being shipped to our fulfillment center.

A COA is one of many core components of our total quality control workflows used to standardize our processes. This standardization includes well-defined goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are objectively measuring our success using an external auditing source. Standardizing our processes and including an external auditing source, like COA testing, allows RnA ReSet® to maintain ultra-high, repeatable standards through our production and fulfillment services.

Our Certificates of Analysis include:

Identity and potency: Does this batch actually contain the ingredients and dosage strength listed on the label?

Purity: Is the product free of specific contaminants? Are heavy metals within their appropriate and acceptable ranges?

Bioavailability: Does the product meet standards for adequate use in the body?

Consistency: Are the contents, packaging and labels consistent throughout the batch and meet FDA requirements?