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Thank you for your consideration of the RnA ReSet® PRO partnership program. Our high-quality formulations have supported the health goals of the consumer market for more than 10 years. Our partnership program makes it easy for healthcare professionals to recommend these highly-recognizable products without disrupting how they prefer to practice today.

Our Partner Programs

The RnA ReSet® PRO program was purposely structured to support the healthcare community with educational paths, sales strategies and support, and access to reusable marketing assets to ensure your success. Each program offers a seamless solution whether you have a single location, are responsible for multiple facilities, or only prefer to work with your customers online. PRO partners can participate in one or both partnership levels allowing them to customize their program.

Onsite Store

The PRO Onsite Store program was designed to help develop new retail space through a flexible onsite program. This tiered-commission program provides discounts on bulk purchases, everyday discount, and specialized shipping rates based on quarterly attainment goals. PRO partners use this arrangement to maintain inventory onsite for distribution while providing a visual representation of the Total Body Reset program for discussion.

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The RnA ReSet® Doctor-To-Door program allows you to take advantage of our robust ecommerce platform combined with website links, digital coupons, and other digital outreach tools. This partnership level helps expand your sales reach while taking advantage of ready-made RnA ReSet® resources. Our PROs appreciate how our program supports their website and social media marketing, regardless of its maturity.

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The PRO partner program supports your current protocols while helping deliver better outcomes for the ones you care for. Our ReMag PRO Kit is a personal introduction to RnA ReSet® PRO and Dr Carolyn Dean ND MD, the developer of our unique completement formulations.

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