Liquid Minerals and Dosing Protocols

Join w/ Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND Live

Join Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND and RnA ReSet PRO for a deeper introduction to liquid minerals and a live conversation of why more healthcare professionals are suggesting them for their patients. This 30min event will give you the answers to why form factor matters, the use of liquid minerals in everyday practice, and providing better value and outcomes to your patients.

This event includes feedback from healthcare professionals of all levels as Dr Dean covered the most common questions about liquid minerals and how to suggest the right one for your patient.

RnA ReSet Liquid Minerals

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Benefit With RnA ReSet PRO

RnA ReSet PRO wants to give you an opportunity to understand our unique liquid minerals and how they fit into the way you want to practice. We encourage you to attend and know you will find benefit from learning new ways to support your patients’ best health..

What Dr Dean Discussed

Take advantage of an opportunity to directly interact with Dr Dean about liquid minerals and learn more about:

  • * Why a pico-ionic formulation is better tolerated
  • * Examples of mineral protocols
  • * Why liquid minerals save your patients money
  • * How RnA ReSet PRO supports your practice