ReStoring Your Patient's Thyroid

Join Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND Live

Join Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND and RnA ReSet PRO for a live conversation about the thyroid and reconsidering the path to hypothyroidism that many people are following. This event will cover research into the roots of thyroid dysfunction and addressing the epidemic of thyroid problems that your patients face each day.

Restoring Your Patient's Thyroid

Benefit With RnA ReSet PRO

RnA ReSet PRO presents Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND as she presents on thyroid dysfunction and new considerations for addressing a condition that is still mysterious to many healthcare professionals. We encourage you to attend and know you will find benefit from learning new ways to support your patients’ best health.

What Dr Dean Will Discuss

Take advantage of an opportunity to interact with Dr Dean and her personal insight about thyroid dysfunction, including:

  • * Thyroid Disease and Mineral Deficiency Symptoms
  • * The Connection of Calcitonin and Thyroid Function
  • * The Connection of Thyroid Disorders and Yeast Overgrowth
  • * Research Results and Example Nutrient Protocols