DeConstructing Vitamin D

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Supplementing with vitamin D has become a hot topic as more people are seeking ways to prepare themselves for being indoors and staying healthy. But taking high doses of vitamin D can create deficiencies and disruptions in how the body uses other nutrients, creating more problems than better outcomes. It now is more important than ever for healthcare professionals to be able to discuss vitamin D at a deeper level with their patients and walk them through the co-factors that are dependent on this vitamin.

Join Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND and RnA ReSet PRO for a conversation about vitamin D, why this nutrient should never be taken alone, and the application of D-vitamins in practice today. .

DeConstructing Vitamin D

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Benefit With RnA ReSet PRO

Don't miss this opportunity to learn with healthcare professionals around the world about vitamin D and things you should consider for your current patient requirements. Dr Dean is your host for this PRO-interactive event to discuss:

  • * Why PROs are suggesting vitamin D as part of their current patient reviews, and what else may need to be considered
  • * The differences in efficacy between vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 in the body and how it metabolizes this vitamin
  • * The latest methods, results, and sources for testing your patients for vitamin D deficiency and what to expect
  • * Example protocols that can help your patients get more of this vital nutrient into their diets at the right levels