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Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND developed all of her Completement Formulas™ to be highly absorbed by the body while meeting the requirements of vegan, keto, paleo, and other specialty diets with their ingredients. This includes our liquid minerals, nutrient capsules, skin care, and specialty nutrient formulations. RnA ReSet continues Dr Dean's commitment to nutrient research, and the identification of clinical proof of the efficacy of our formulas, to help people with a better way to stay nutrient-sufficient.

Picometer-sized Liquid Mineral Formulas

ReMag® liquid magnesium is a pure, 60,000ppm magnesium supplement that has been proven effective in both the consumer and healthcare community. A placebo and cross over blinded control study was performed to prove the difference in our picometer liquid minerals, and their ability to be absorbed at higher rates by the body. The result of this research is proof that the proprietary, picometer formulation of our liquid minerals are better absorbed by the body at a cellular level.

TITLE: Circulating Ionized Magnesium as a Measure of Supplement Bioavailability: Results from a Pilot Study for Randomized Clinical Trial


Conclusions From Study

  • Our findings of a more robust ionized response, when compared to serum magnesium, are similar to those reported by Altura et al.
  • Magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate are less bioavailable and larger in size compared to ReMag, thus they do not affect ionized magnesium as efficiently.
  • Elevated ionized magnesium was measurable in the blood within 2-4 hours. Our head of research, Dr. Taylor Wallace said that this fluctuation with one single dose is very important. He said he would not have anticipated mineral electrolytes changing with 1 single dose.
  • Clinical investigations have demonstrated that ionized magnesium, but not serum magnesium, is depressed in a number of clinical conditions such as migraine, individuals with noninsulin-dependent diabetes, patients with asthma, and women with high-risk pregnancies

Circulating Ionized Magnesium as a Measure of Supplement Bioavailability: Results from a Pilot Study for Randomized Clinical Trial

  • iMg (ionized magnesium testing) is the better marker for magnesium. Serum magnesium is bound up and not usable. Magnesium ions are available to use in the cells.
  • Using a molecular size analyzer (Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS, Malvern, UK), we confirmed that the majority of the particle size of ReMag® formulation is in the picometer range. The test was repeated three times.
  • A subclinical magnesium deficiency can occur when serum magnesium levels are within the lower reference range. Therefore, serum total magnesium levels may not be sufficient for diagnosis of deficiency.
  • ReMag Magnesium Solution goes to the ionized magnesium status and is not bound up. Its small size allows it to be absorbed higher up in the GI tract and avoid the laxative effect

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