Vitamin D and Its
Interdependence On Other Minerals

The maintenance of proper vitamin D levels becomes more important when consulting with older patient populations or when conditions may be depleting our natural stores. Very few foods contain Vitamin D in nature and may not be considered palatable or as readily available as part of someone's chosen diet. When the body depletes its vitamin D stores in response, or as we begin losing the ability to naturally maintain adequate levels ourselves, supplementation may be required. When suggesting Vitamin D supplementation, a full-spectrum approach should be considered because of this vitamin's interdependencies and direct effects on other body systems.

Magnesium As A Co-Factor

Many of the enzymes that naturally metabolize or synthesize vitamin D are directly dependent on available magnesium levels present in the body. Maintaining an optimal level of one requires equal control of the other to ensure each nutrient's proper levels. Thus, identifying the correct levels to supplement should usually include a review of magnesium levels and any associated deficiencies that may be presented at that time.

The essential nutrient interactions between vitamin D and magnesium are being revealed as a another co-factor to be considered when working with your patients.

Condition-Level Considerations

Bone Health

Vitamin D and magnesium have been proven to play a critical role in bone formation while combining and working with calcium levels in support of bone health. Food additives may not be enough and some food sources may not be a viable option because of allergies or intolerance. Research has introduced new possibilities for osteoporosis protocols by combining the bone-resorbing effect of vitamin D to increase density with the reduction of osteoclastic activity 

Men's Health

Male populations should be reviewed as studies reveal the importance of vitamin D and its role in increasing absorption of both magnesium and calcium intakes. Increasing absorption of magnesium is important in low-T and other testosterone-related cases as a way to influence anabolic hormones, including testosterone. Regulating magnesium stores or addressing consistent vitamin D could be considered as alternative additions to these therapies.


Vitamin D supplementation has been used for some Type 1 diabetes cases as a natural way to influence glycemic control and fluctuating glucose levels. Maintaining the necessary levels of magnesium to fully utilize the vitamin D naturally becomes more important. The co-factor effects of magnesium and vitamin D supplementation, and both their serum concentrations in the body, are also now being considered as an additional way to control glucose and lipid levels when addressing Type 2 diabetes.

Women' Health

Pregnancy is a good time to review vitamin D and its same beneficial effects on glycemic control among gestational diabetes cases. Women have long been encouraged to increase their intake of calcium, and the vitamin D required to metabolize it, to maintain their own skeletal mass during pregnancy. Vitamin D supplementation has also been shown to support womens' health through reduction of pre-menstral syndrome symptoms and addressing conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome.

Bundling For Balance

Too little magnesium, and your body can’t convert vitamin D. Too much vitamin D, and your body compensates which could then lead to magnesium deficiency. Help others find the balance through bundling their magnesium and vitamin D supplements.

Why RnA ReSet?


The unique, pico-diameter ions of ReMag magnesium allow for quick absorption and faster availability for your patients. Independent studies have shown that ReMag increases serum-levels of magnesium in as little as 4 hours from a single dose, while its liquid form allows for precise dosage. ReMag's pico size also helps to remove the laxative effect other supplements present as more of the mineral is made available to the body's cells.

D3K2 ReSet

RnA ReSet's D3K2 provides a plant-based vitamin D3 supplement coupled with vitamin K2 into a highly available capsule form. This formulation focuses on Vitamin D3, what the body naturally synthesizes, to support calcium absorption and proper magnesium levels while K2 activates calcium-building proteins to promote a healthy bone structure.

Continue Your Journey

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