The Longevity Bundle

The Longevity Bundle

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The Longevity Bundle from Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND is a simple, elegant collection of our completement formulas designed to support the structure and function of your health year after year. This selection of completement formulas work symbiotically to quickly replenish the core nutrients your body needs to function. And together they help support how you move, feel, and look for life.

The Longevity Bundle is the perfect bundle for people wanting a nutrient focus that helps them maintain the health they have now while supporting any new levels they want to achieve.

This bundle includes:

ReMag® Liquid Magnesium

Product Size: 8.1 oz (240 ml)

D3K2 ReSet™

Product Size: 60 capsules

The combination of magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 is a foundational start to better support of multiple systems including the heart, bone, and the body's cells themselves.

Magnesium is a mineral, an electrolyte, and a catalyst used by your body to create the perfect cells. Calcium and magnesium minerals work opposite of each other in the body to contract and release the muscles in your heart on every beat.

Magnesium is referred to as a master nutrient because of how important the supplement is on its own, as a cofactor to other nutrients, and as the building block for a variety of cellular processes. Both magnesium and vitamin D can be found in every organ in the body and are required for hundreds of physiologic functions on their own or as a team. Consuming the recommended amounts of these interdependent nutrients supports higher bone quality while helping you maintain an overall stronger bone structure. And because vitamin D requires magnesium to be transformed to its active state, it is even more important to get the right balance of both.

Magnesium and vitamin K2 also support bone health by partnering to optimize calcium levels in the body. K2 is especially important in the activation of proteins that keep calcium from being deposited in blood vessels, making it available for bone-building.

Vitamin C ReSet Powder®

Product Size: 14.81 oz (420 g)

Getting enough Vitamin C adds a layer of support for maintaining your current health beyond just a boost in your immune function. Vitamin C is also an important ally for aesthetics that helps fix rough and scaly skin while helping reduce the scarring effects of most blemishes. This vitamin is also important to help us keep our teeth for longer by keeping our gums healthy and minimizing dental issues overall.

Vitamin C is also a cofactor in the creation and maintenance of collagen, the principal protein of our skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, cornea, and blood vessels. 



Product Size: 60 capsules

The B Vitamins, like magnesium, are required for the proper functioning of multiple systems, and having a deficiency is quite common. B-vitamins have a high daily turnover rate in the body, and need replacement every day to keep sufficient levels. That is why making sure you are replenishing these nutrient levels becomes more important when our diet isn't providing enough vitamin B naturally.

Keeping sufficient vitamin B levels help you maintain a higher physical and mental energy level every day. B-vitamins are responsible for producing chemicals that affect our overall mood and deficiencies may lead to depression or other states of mental exhaustion. And vitamin Bs are responsible for ATP conversion and your body's baseline energy levels. 

L-Methionine serves as a building block in the manufacture of all our proteins and is a critical component of tissue development and repair at any age. Taurine works similarly to vitamin Bs and magnesium to promote a more positive outlook, better sleep, while also stimulating testosterone production at low doses.