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RnA ReSet PRO has helped 1000s of healthcare professionals develop an easy to implement, non-invasive nutrient plan that fits into any current protocols or practice type. Our flexible program makes it easy for healthcare professionals to recommend highly-recognizable products without disrupting how they prefer to practice today.

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I am a master supplement researcher. When considering my patients' nutrient needs and how tp address their heart and brain health, you cannot go wrong with recommending these products to the majority of your patients.

Dr Philip Princetta, DC/MD/MPHS
Charlotte, NC

Nutrient replacement is a necessity in today’s world. So many symptoms and health problems are related to low mineral levels. The earth is simply depleted of these precious nutrients. Most oral magnesium products have side effects and poor absorption, so they can never meet the full needs that the body’s cells have for magnesium, but not ReMag! As a doctor and therapist, I recommend this to all of my clients and take it myself.

Dr Pam Shervanick, DO
Portland, ME

My awareness of magnesium started with sports recovery after Vietnam. I played rugby and I found that magnesium baths were my edge up for muscle soreness and soft tissue injuries. In my surgical practice I use the same concept with my patients. I use magnesium baths, plus oral and topical applications of ReMag for post surgical patients and pre-surgical patients. This reduces narcotic needs, improves recovery times and facilitates bone healing.

Dr David Matthews
Charlotte, NC

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The RnA ReSet PRO Program has helped reinvent the healthcare professional's approach to nutrient protocols while remaining accessible to anyone wanting to add nutrient supplements to their business model for the first time. Contact a PRO Liaison and get your questions answered.