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Integrating ReMag® into your protocol gives you an opportunity to turn your health around.

ReMag® offers ease-of-use and noticeable, high impact results on cellular function and overall well-being.

Health Care Practitioners Trust Dr. Dean's Formulas including

Dr. Philip Princetta, NC/MPHS

“I am a master supplement researcher. What makes Re-Mag so effective is the particle size and concentration; at 60,000ppm the magnesium easily penetrates both the outer and inner cellular membranes. It is imperative to penetrate the cells throughout the entire body but especially the heart and brain. With heart disease still being the # 1 killer in the United States and with Alzheimer Dementia along with all its derivatives on the fast track, you cannot go wrong with recommending this product to the majority of your patients.”

Dr. David Matthews Charlotte, NC

“My awareness of magnesium started with sports recovery after Vietnam. I played rugby in medical school and being older and more sleep challenged than my teammates I found that magnesium baths were my edge up for muscle soreness in my recovery from soft tissue injuries. In my surgical practice I continue to use the same concept with my patients. I use magnesium baths, plus oral and topical applications of ReMag rubbed areas of dissection on post surgical patients and even pre-surgical patients that are to receive osteotomies. For me this reduces narcotic needs, improves recovery times and facilitates bone healing.”

Dr. Pam Shervanick, DO Portland, Maine

“I love this product! Magnesium replacement is a necessity in today’s world. So many symptoms, health problems and disease states are related to low magnesium. The earth is simply depleted of this precious mineral. Most oral magnesium products have side effects and poor absorption, so they can never meet the full needs that the body’s cells have for magnesium. As a doctor and therapist, I recommend this to all of my clients and take it myself. This is a great product!”

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