Should I Start Recommending <br>Potassium For My Patients?

Should I Start Recommending
Potassium For My Patients?

Potassium has been considered a nutrient of public health concern for populations that do not regularly eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables, or follow a low-sodium diet plan. Deficiency-related conditions can require quick, decisive action to address their effects. Medical professionals have reconsidered supplementation as the viable option to quickly correct the course of care for those they treat.

Difficult To Get From Diet

Changing diets, and diet fads, have removed many of the fruit and vegetable carbohydrates that would naturally maintain the correct potassium levels in our bodies. Quick cooking methods have changed how we prepare our food and many may not realize they are cooking away their food's natural nutrients. Many people have never developed a palette for the foods that are most healthy for them although they all agree "they should eat better."

Extreme changes to a current diet may be required to adequately address potassium deficiencies. These types of changes, often being perceived as burdensome, lead to unintended failure to follow their provider's protocols and an associated reduction in the plan of care's efficacy.


Why PROs Worry About Recommending Potassium

Excessively-high potassium blood levels can be dangerous, and ensuring a precise dosage can be difficult with some potassium supplements. Healthcare professionals often encourage diet changes first because of this concern.

What PROs Should Look For:

  • Precise and Adjustable Dosing

  • A Highly-Absorbable Formulation

  • Can Be Prescribed and Monitored

Selecting A Potassium Supplement

Potassium-levels are linked to numerous conditions where deficiencies can create significant effects for patients. Research has given medical professionals a new reason to consider how potassium supplementation would complement how they practice. Pico Potassium is the right choice when choosing a potassium supplement for your practice and the ones you care for.

Why Pico Potassium?

Pico Ionic Size

The unique, pico-diameter ions of Pico Potassium allow for quick absorption and faster availability for your patients. They will benefit from the mineral's natural effects and from a reduction in the amount required to receive the same results when compared to other products.

Precise Dosage

Pico Potassium's liquid form supports even the most stringent of dosing protocols. Your recommendations can be quickly adjusted to increase or decrease dosage without extra requirements, like splitting pills. The ability to precisely adjust dosage levels helps ensure your plan of care is followed and results can be accurately measured.

Continue Your Journey

RnA ReSet PRO is your single source for high quality vitamin and mineral completement formulas developed by Dr Carolyn Dean ND MD. We invite you to continue your journey with us as you discover more about our programs and full line of products.

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