Why You Shouldn't White-Label Nutrient Supplements

Why You Shouldn't White-Label Nutrient Supplements

All levels of the healthcare community are starting to reconsider the use of complementary and alternative medical solutions as part of a larger proactive healthcare movement. From a single provider practice, to a full accountable care organization (ACO) network, healthcare professionals are actively seeking ways to promote their patients' best health. Healthcare professionals can confirm the correlation of balanced nutrient levels to a better outcome for their patients is clinically significant in most cases.

Nutrient supplements are becoming the staple protocols healthcare professionals start with as they consider ways to naturally support the structure and function of the body as a whole. Conventional healthcare delivery systems continue to strategize on the best way to integrate the regular therapeutic and maintenance-level use of nutrients into their protocols. This includes considerations of access, patient choice, and adhering to standards to serve their patients ethically by FDA, AMA, and their own business' standards.

The Burden of the Unknown

The products you are asked to put your name on should reflect the same level excellence you apply in all areas of your practice. The additional burden of finding an affiliate program that works for you without interfering ethically, logistically, or possibly contractually means that PROs should consider issues they could face starting out.

A New Level of Responsibility

Creating your own supplement line can bring a new level of responsibility beyond the welfare of your patients' health. The investment in traditional marketing pieces, a strong online presence, and a way to securely take orders means taking on aspects of a business you never intended to.

The research and development required to create all of these assets are often a heavy endeavor requiring expertise that can add additional costs to your practice. Mass-produced nutrients may be built to minimum food standards but are not monitored, reviewed, or approved by any federal or independent agencies for consistencies or unknown ingredients.

Introducing Things Ethically

Patients look to their healthcare providers for reactive guidance when sick, while relying on their PRO's long-term suggestions to keep themselves healthy once they are better. The introduction of nutrients tied to the branding efforts for your business could be perceived as creating a biased encounter.

Pushing supplements to cover the costs of your new white-label investments could create an environment that is ethically questionable at a state and national level. PROs that make suggestions of vitamins and minerals as part of a primary or secondary diagnosis should only do so when it is in the patients' best interest.

Eliminating Gimmicks

Discussing the importance of vitamins and minerals as the building blocks of any plan of care should be kept simple and focused on why you are introducing aspects of nutrition to the encounter. White-labeling intricate formulations in an attempt to keep things simple for your patients can create unseen issues at future encounters. Many PROs' desire to create the perfect combination of ingredients, the way they always imagined they would be can quickly lead to incompatibility with even simple patient encounters.

The inability to separate ingredients when other consultations suggest a different regiment can make these niche creations less applicable in a full-spectrum protocol. These special formulations can be easily manufactured and marketed, but may fall short in efficacy or create additional issues through co-factors occurring between the different ingredients.

Making The Right Choice For You

RnA ReSet PRO's goal is to continue to partner with local healthcare professionals in support of these efforts while continuing the advocacy of Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND. And proactive healthcare benefits from the standardized capture of patient information that can be reviewed in relation to your total patient population. The need for community-level research and education has never been as important as it is right now. Take advantage of this opportunity to prove the results of proper magnesium levels to yourself while introducing nutrient supplementation to those you serve.
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Highly-Recognized Products

RnA ReSet products are already suggested by healthcare professionals worldwide while continuing to support the consumer market's health goals directly. And your patients will know why you are suggesting RnA ReSet products the minute they try them. Our formulations were developed to provide the body every nutrient it needs without requiring complicated regiments or multiple doses to reach optimal levels.

Transparent Partnership Model

Our PRO partnership is openly available to any healthcare professional as they introduce additional ways to take control of your health to their patients. Our flexible terms are intended to support your current business model including addressing any special corporate or state-level requirements as part of your program. Add an additional revenue stream, or have a dependable place to refer your patients at cost, when you partner with RnA ReSet PRO.

Streamlined Onboarding

Start you new initiative immediately as part of RnA ReSet PRO's onboarding process. A dedicated account manager will help you understand our line of formulations while helping you shape a repeatable marketing plan for your practice. Take advantage of brandable brochures, imagery, cut-and-paste content, and digital resources made available to our PRO partners. Receive ongoing partner support and access to resources you can use to quickly find opportunities you can bring the conversation of nutrients to the front of the conversation.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Take advantage of educational handouts, images, and digital marketing assets for you to take advantage of in your practice. The RnA ReSet PRO program is the perfect way to start driving your marketing program while helping your patients understand more about the value of nutrients in their overall health.

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